My Treatments

An online consultation is provided for all new appointments.

You get a full 30 minutes, free of charge, prior to your first massage. This gives ample opportunity to discuss your needs before you come. It means all of your appointment is treatment time.


I offer some treatments each week at a reduced rate for parent carers. If your child has a Compass Card, then you are most welcome to book these. You'll be asked to send a screenshot of your child's Compass Card to complete your booking.

Massage packages and gift vouchers are available.

"I suffer from fibromyalgia and CFS/ME. I see Nicky regularly as part of my pain management program. She is a very skilled practitioner. I recommend the hot stone treatment"

"There's something really special about the combination of the hot stones and the yoga nidra. Each greatly enhances the other. I didn't know how much I needed this treatment until I had it"