About Me

I'm Nicky and I'm an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist. I run Mandala Massage from my home in Hanover, Brighton and work from The Sun Clinic in Brighton's North Laine on Mondays and Saturdays.

I qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage and Myofascial Release with the highly regarded Jing Institute here in Brighton. 

I am also trained in Jing Hot Stone Fusion Massage.

My massages are extremely effective in treating chronic pain and are also super relaxing.

As a Jing therapist I blend the best of Eastern and Western techniques to get you out of pain in 1 - 6 sessions. My massages may include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage techniques, stretching, acupressure and myofascial release.

You will feel good after your first massage with me, but you should expect more significant improvement to happen around session 3. To treat and manage chronic pain it is best to come on a regular basis.

During the Covid pandemic I have diversified my practice into offering online wellness and self-care sessions to individuals, small groups and teams. This is an exciting development and an excellent way to experience the benefits of what I do literally from anywhere you may be in the world.


My massages can help with a range of conditions including whiplash, sciatica, RSI's, shoulder injuries, stiff neck, back pain, pulled muscles and sprains, plantar fasciitis, headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

These conditions can all be worked with effectively online, via Zoom, through safe and straightforward self massage and stretching. Online sessions can also include breathing exercises and guided meditations.

Online sessions are great if you prefer to work with me from your own home. This could be by yourself or linking up with friends elsewhere in the world for a small group session. It could be for your team, perhaps you are remotely working, and in need of a way to address stress, anxiety and physical aches and pains.

I practice astanga yoga 5 days a week and have done so for many years. I believe this brings an extra depth and quality to my massages and online wellness sessions. I follow a vegan diet and lifestyle and I am passionate about all aspects of health and well-being.

I am a member of the Sports Massage Association and registered with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council


If you think massage is expensive, you’ve never had a good one…..

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My Treatments, Gift Certificates and Packages

Advanced Clinical Massage

For pain, injury, stress and anxiety. Your massage can be as therapeutic and relaxing as you wish.  It will include Jing Method advanced clinical massage techniques such as amma, deep tissue, acupressure, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. These slow, firm and powerful techniques feel amazing and quickly reduce pain, stress and tension. 

Advanced Clinical Massage with Hot Stones

The heat of the natural, volcanic hot stones greatly enhances the therapeutic effects of a Jing Method advanced clinical massage. The body welcomes the heat allowing me to quickly work more deeply. This is an excellent treatment for longstanding issues and as well as being highly effective is wonderfully relaxing with a real feel good factor.

Post Treatment Online After-Care Session

A personalised self-care plan to treat and manage your pain between treatments is available online via Zoom. This is a low cost add-on to your treatment and is highly recommended.

Online Wellness and Self-Care Session

For individuals, small groups and teams. A one off or series of sessions which include breathing exercises, safe self-massage techniques, stretches and guided meditations. Working this way is super empowering, I can give you the tools to treat your own pain, soothe your nervous system and cope better with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Massage Packages 

Regular treatments mean better results. As a Jing therapist I aim to get you out of pain in 1 - 6 sessions. Buying a package means you are making a commitment to your well-being.

Gift Certificates

Who wouldn't love to receive the gift of an awesome massage!

 Email format means a super easy purchase for you and the recipient will be delighted to see how much you care for their well-being. Available for clinical, holistic, deep tissue and hot stone massage treatments.

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Prices and Booking

All consultations take place online

You get a full 30 minutes, free of charge, prior to your first massage

This gives ample opportunity to discuss your needs before you come. It means all of your appointment is treatment time

Once you've booked, I'll be in touch to arrange our zoom call


 Advanced Clinical Massage

60 minutes with deep tissue/clinical techniques if appropriate/requested - £60

Advanced Clinical Massage with Hot Stones

60 minutes including deep tissue/clinical techniques on specific areas with hot stones - £75

Individual Online Wellness and Self-Care Session

Designed specifically for your particular needs. A bespoke 45 minute session to include breathing exercises, self-massage, stretches and guided meditation as needed/requested - £45

Post Treatment Online After-Care Session

A personalised self-care plan delivered to you via a 20 minute zoom session which will enhance the benefits of your massage. I will take you through a bespoke after-care routine to treat and manage your pain between treatments - £20

Gift Certificates

In email format for holistic, deep tissue clinical massage and deep tissue with hot stones massage treatments - £60/£75

When you buy a package you make a commitment to your well-being.

5 advanced clinical massage treatments - £275

5 advanced clinical massage with hot stones treatments - £325

3 advanced clinical massage treatments + 2 with hot stones - £295

Massage Packages

Wellness and  Self-Care Sessions for Small Groups and Teams

Bespoke sessions designed for the needs of your particular group or team. The content and duration of session can planned for your budget. Click the button to submit your query 

What My Clients Say About Me

 “Nicky listened to me when I’d almost given up hope of getting better. I was in so much pain for what seemed like ages. After the first treatment I felt a difference within a day... Thanks so much Nicky - I can’t recommend you enough!”


“I floated out of the session in the most amazingly relaxed state. When I arrived my sciatica and back where so painful I couldn’t walk any distance. Two days after my massage, for the first time in months I had no pain. I have continued to work with Nicky for the last few months and am so so much better. I have never had any treatment that has relieved pain so quickly and been so effective”


“I’ve just got home from the most gorgeous 5.5 K run. 6 weeks ago I was really struggling with running at all. Two massages from Nicky and my knee is so much better”


"I first came to Nicky with back pain and in 3 sessions I was pain free. She is a wonderful professional who listens carefully and adapts her work accordingly. I've had massages with and without hot stones and highly recommend both. Thanks Nicky!"


“As always with Nicky, I had a wonderful and personally tailored massage. I feel so relaxed and re-energised. I went feeling run down and tired, and Nicky has worked her magic”


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You are worth the quiet moment

You are worth the deeper breath

You are worth the time it takes

To slow down

To be still

And to rest