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Work With Me Online

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An exciting development from the past couple of years is that we've found out just how much is possible online.

Teaching self care, self massage techniques and stretches has always been an important part of what I do as a Jing Method™ therapist and I now offer online sessions as stand alone treatments. This means you can work with me from literally anywhere you may be in the world. Time zones permitting of course!

Prices include a 15 minute pre-session consultation.

Gift Vouchers are available.

Online Clinical Massage


Perfect for when you can't get to me for hands on treatment and as a top up between treatments. Also a great way of getting expert advice for acute and sudden onset injury.

I will give you the tools to treat and manage your own pain by guiding you through safe clinical massage techniques and stretches. Working together, we'll make sure you're happy and confident to use these techniques on you own to get great results.

This is far better than looking things up yourself online as my clinical assessment means you'll be treating the right muscles in the right way!

The Zoom recording of our session is provided.

£45 - 40 mins

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A Personal Yoga Nidra


Over Zoom but with your camera off.

Set the scene at home with cosy blankets, soft lights and incense. Then, let me hold space for whatever is going on for you right now as I guide you through your very own yoga nidra meditation.

We'll discuss your needs in our pre-session consultation making this a truly bespoke and highly personal experience.

If you're too busy, stressed, tired, not sleeping well or generally overwhelmed and in need of some space and time for yourself then this is for you.

It's also an excellent choice if you've been wanting to start a meditation practice of your own and don't know how to begin.

£45 - 40 mins

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